Main areas of research

Medicinal and pharmacogenomic chemistry

Active investigators

Donald Poirier, Eric Biron, Chantal Guillemette, Van Luu-The, John Weisnagel and Fernand Labrie

Towards the discovery of drugs to treat numerous hormone-sensitive diseases and conditions

Not only does their work offer a better understanding of the mechanisms of action of sex steroids, they are also aimed at the discovery and synthesis of new drugs such as inhibitors of biosynthesis and action of steroids for the treatment of numerous hormone-sensitive diseases and the optimization of their use based on pharmacogenomics. These investigators wish to pursue their work with high quality, medically important and innovative clinical research developing new hormone replacement therapies for menopausal women or targeting patients who are susceptible to respond to pharmacotherapy via the discovery of biomarkers and the use of bioanalytical methods, genomics, proteomics and metabolomics. The creation of an organic synthesis service and the progressive instigation of a medicinal chemistry platform are tools that will help the CREMOGH investigators to develop new drugs.