CREMOGH Scholarship Contest - Fall 2014 (winners)


Dear Madam, Sir,

 For the annual CREMOGH scholarships, the selection committee recently met to examine the 19 applications submitted for the FALL 2014 CREMOGH Scholarship Awards in order to select four winners.

 Despite all the excellent applications for this contest, the CREMOGH can only give out four scholarships, as indicated in the contest announcement.  

 And the winners are:

          Ariane Giguère-Rancourt (Frédéric Calon)

Steffany Grondin (Jacques Simard)

          Sofia Laforest (André Tchernof)

          Marine Tournissac (Frédéric Calon)

As soon as the funds are available, another contest will be announced to attribute the additional scholarships. You are invited to resubmit an updated version of your application.

With my sincere congratulations to the winners,


Pierre Julien PhD

Professor, Department of Medicine and Director of CREMOGH