DNA microchip Platform

A whole genome in a single GeneChip

Oligonucleotide Microchips permit to measure simultaneously mRNA expression levels of a whole genome using a single microchip. The microchip for measuring human genome expression contains 1.4 million of different probes having 25 nucleotides each. All these unique nucleotide sequences are only attached to a glass surface of 1.5 square centimeter.


Integrative vision and unthinkable discoveries

This high performance technology bring in a new integrative vision of gene expression analysis, leading to unthinkable discoveries.
Another particular characteristic of the present platform is its possibility to perform analysis of DNA polymorphisms, chromatin immuno precipitation (ChIP) on chip, as well as base methylation, the three powerful research methods destined to Genetics, Gene regulation and Epigenetics studies, respectively.
Our Affymetrix GeneChipTM Platform is equipped with two high resolution scanners and 4 robotized developmental workstations. This Platform is linked to the Bioinformatic Platform that insure essential support for data analysis. With a production capacity of more than 300 GeneChipTM per month, our platform  is able to perform the analysis not only those of our own projects, but also those of other Canadian and Europeen University.