DNA Sequencing

Automated and affordable decoding

The goal of genomics is to decode and understand all the genetic information contained within an organism. This understanding implies knowledge of the gene sequences that are present within the genome of these organisms. Thus, genomics are the key to future biomedical research, life sciences and biotechnology.

Fast DNA sequencing and genotyping

To speed up university and private sector research projects in genomics, the CREMOGH established a genome sequencing and genotyping platform in 1998 in collaboration with Laval University. The platform has since been offering high quality DNA sequencing and genotyping services. Our goal is to enable the pooling of research expertise in human, animal, microbial, forestry and small genomes in order to encourage collaborative efforts, bring together ultra-specialized equipment, and ensure the development of new experimental, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches by Eastern Quebec research teams.

Whether the DNA matrix is of human, animal, vegetable or microbial origin, sequencing is determined with the ABI 3730xl sequencer from Applied Biosystems. This equipment has 96 capillaries and uses electrophoresis, fluorescence and optical principles in order to read 96 DNA sequencing samples at one time with 1 000 nucleotides in length. This apparatus has a daily capacity of over 1 000 samples which corresponds to over 1 million nucleotides a day. Our platform can accommodate projects with only a few samples as well as projects which require reading of up to several thousand sequences. Our service is within 48 hours for projects with up to 192 samples.

Automation to accelerate the process

Robotisation is at the very heart of our technological platform. Our robots increase our daily production capacity while reducing the margin of error linked to the manipulation of several thousands of samples.

Affordable technology

The platform has also acquired an important expertise in genotyping of microsatellites by capillary electrophoresis and SNP genotyping by the TaqMan method. We have acquired a "MassARRAY Analyzer System" by Sequenom. This technology enables the discovery and identification of a wide range of SNPs by mass spectrometry. This machine also significantly reduces the cost of SNP analysis. Our staff can offer you all the required support for your projects and will accompany you from the initiation to the reading of your genotypes. Thanks to our robots, the platform can take charge of your entire genotyping process.  During the last year, over one hundred university and corporate laboratories used our services. Over this period, we sequenced over 150 000 samples for a total of 130 million nucleotides. We have also genotyped several thousands of DNA samples. For more information about our services, please visit our website at