Organic Synthesis Service

For a small chemical molecule synthesis on request

Organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry are very important in the pharmaceutical industry. Along with emergent technology in biopharmaceutics, they help to quickly develop new drugs. The mission of the CRCHUQ (Pavillon CHUL) Organic Synthesis Service is to facilitate access to medicinal chemistry for investigators of the scientific community in order to help them turn their academic discoveries into preclinical and clinical applications.

The different services offered by the Organic Synthesis Service are based on solid expertise, notably concerning steroidal chemistry, combinatorial chemistry (on solid support and in solution), as well as the synthesis of bioactive molecules such as selective inhibitors of steroidogenesis.

Analyzing small molecule structures

The Organic Synthesis Service is located in the Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory, on the 4th floor of Bloc T of the Pavillon CHUL where all the required instrumentation in organic chemistry is located (RMN, IR, MS, LC/MS, HPLC-prep, automated synthesizer, SciFinder database).