A vital tool for the implementation of therapeutic protocols

Transgenic model technology at the CREMOGH is an important element in genomics and cellular biology. Genomics and proteomics studies make it possible to study the expression of gene interactions.

A vital tool for the implementation of therapeutic protocols

In order to understand the function of a particular gene, specific in vivo analysis is necessary. The use of transgenic and knock-out mice is an integral part of many fundamental and applied research projects.

Since its first description in the literature twenty years ago, this technology now makes it possible to selectively deactivate gene expression, create pinpointed mutations or induce chromosomal reorganisation at will.

An infrastructure that adapts to your needs

The building of new infrastructures adapted to this technology and the development of a transgenesis-knock-out platform make it possible for investigators from the CREMOGH and from other laboratories from Quebec and elsewhere to significantly increase their knowledge in areas such as developmental biology, immunology, oncology, neuroscience or other studies of integrated physiological systems.

Generation of models of human disease is now a necessary tool for the study, characterization and implementation of therapeutic protocols in the human.